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The new book, "Asylum Granted" by immigration attorneys, Thomas W. Goldman and Peter J. Loughlin quickly became a #1 Best Seller on Amazon. The authors were pleased and humbled by the wide acceptance of the book, particularly in light of the heartbreaking humanitarian challenges at the U.S. border. The relevance and critical timing in publishing the book could not have been more appropriate. [Read More]

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Do you want to work with an immigration lawyer without having to wait weeks or months for an appointment. Do you need help right away?

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YES! Our lawyers and staff are accessible and are just a phone call away-you don't need to make an office appointment-everything can be handled right on the telephone or online.

By offering nationwide U.S. immigration services by telephone, email, SKYPE and overnight delivery, we are able to keep our costs down and pass on the savings to you.

Once we accept your case, you will be given a convenient questionnaire to complete.

We are the Immigration ONLY Law Firm. We handle nearly every area of U.S. Immigration Law, such as Green Cards, Business Visas, Student Visas, Deportation and Removal, Naturalization and, of course, Waivers and Appeals.

We offer our services to you whether you live across the street or across the world from our offices. If you live in Florida, we have five convenient FL Immigration Offices to choose from. U.S. Immigration is regulated by federal law and we can therefore represent you in any state (or country) no matter where you live or work. We can provide you with the same quality representation whether you are sitting in one of our offices or at your home or office hundreds or even thousands of miles away.