DACA to remain Open!

The 9th Circuit Court just ruled Today that the government must continue renewing and receiving applications for Defered Action for Child Arrivals (DACA). This is a major blow to the governments bid to end DACA.

But GREAT news for DACA recipients! Renewals to remain open!

According to Politico – “The 9th Circuit decision preserves the status quo for the moment and will require the administration to continue accepting DACA renewal applications.”

You must now take the time and make every effort in your journey to get legal to get your paperwork in. With the midterms over and producing a divided congress, it is important to gain a timely understanding of what this ruling means for you.

In the short term it has little or no effect on the process of getting legal status and you will not experience a change in your DACA process. In fact the process may take longer and have more rules.

However, this presents an opportunity for those eligible who would have been disaffected. Make sure you have your paperwork in order and reviewed by an attorney with DACA experience.

A word of caution. The Trump Administration has already petitioned the Supreme court to review. As stated in our last blog, the current makeup of the Supreme Court is a conservative majority and it is expected their rulings will reflect that.

Time is of the essence for DACA recipients. Contact Peter Loughlin at US Immigration Team PLLC for review of your application.