Profile 2 Cancellation of Removal for Non-Permanent Residents

My story is pretty typical of many Mexicans who have come to America to find work, and send money back home to help other family members. Back in 1992, it was easy for migrant workers to come across the border to work in the fields for large companies. At first, I worked in Texas, then over the year have worked in a number of states.

I was actually detained by Immigration in 1993, and advised me I was in deportation proceedings, which meant I would have to go to see a judge about my status and whether or not I could remain in the US. However, because I was always moving, I never received the paperwork advising me of the exact time and place of the court. Years later, I learned that the case had been “administratively closed” since I was not personally served with the notice to go to court, and they did not have my address.

Cancellation of Removal for Non-Permanent Residents – Arrests

Fourteen years later, I was arrested again by Immigration, and put in deportation proceedings again. By then, I had married a Mexican lady who was also here illegally. Although we met in the US, we wanted to be able to have our family at the wedding, so a few years ago we went back home, and then paid a “coyote” to get us back across the border. It took two years to have my first preliminary hearing (Master hearing), and then over the next several months, I had three other Master hearings before a final, or Individual hearing, was scheduled. The hearing was canceled, and then rescheduled, but this hearing had to be canceled as well, so that my final day in court occurred five years after my second arrest by Immigration authorities and 18 years after my first arrest.

My wife did not testify, because she was afraid to go to court, and our son was too young, so I did not want him to be in court. I explained my situation to the judge; that basically, I came to America for a better life; to work and be able to provide for my family. I paid federal income taxes every year, and one time, when I was out of work, I got a business license and started my own company. For a short period of time, we received Medicaid and food stamps.

I never committed a serious crime, but I have had about ten traffic tickets over the years. If I can, I want to stay here. We are renting a house; I have three cars, (fully paid for), and I want my US citizen child to go to school in the United States.